Know How
Know How

Since its establishment, in 1974, IKTINOS HELLAS S.A. ranks among the leading suppliers in the marble market. It is a vertically integrated company with ten privately owned marble quarries and a number of factories that cut and process the materials. The company has a local sales network and, most importantly, an ever-growing sales network abroad.

Top-rated in:

  • Variety (more than 100 marble types and decorating stones)
  • Design (dedicated department with engineers, architects, interior designers)
  • Applications (processing, projects)
  • Partnerships (customer network – local and abroad)


  • Vertically integrated infrastructure
  • Profound know-how and traditional application methods
  • Reliability and dependability
  • Quality assurance


  • Spread our know-how
  • Educate our technical staff on the various uses of marble and decorative stones
  • Value for money prices
  • Keep our customers satisfied


Global Distribution Network

To 90+ countries worldwide

Our exports amount to over 95% of our turnover, with main markets:

China, Southeast Asia, USA, Arabian Gulf countries, Latin America and Europe.

IKTINOS HELLAS S.A., which is listed in ASE since 2000, was founded in 1974 by the Architect Mr. Evaggelos Chaidas and its main activity is extracting, cutting and processing marble blocks, and using them in architectural and sculptural applications, mostly for projects abroad. IKTINOS HELLAS S.A. excavates from ten quarries in northern Greece, processes and exports the famous and highest quality marbles, Thassos, Volakas, Nestos and “Golden Spider”.



ΙΚΤΙΝΟΣ HELLAS S.A. is founded

ΙΚΤΙΝΟΣ HELLAS S.A. was founded on 12 March 1974 by the Architect Mr. EVANGELOS NIK. CHAIDAS who remains, to date, the majority shareholder, President and CEO of the Company.

Since 1974, the year of its establishment, the Company has been operating in its factory located at Metamorfosi, Attica, where it has its registered address and main facilities (Offices, Showroom, Factory, Warehouse facilities).


Acquisition of FIDIAS S.A.

In 1998, the Company acquired 90%of the shares of the GREEK MARBLE INDUSTRY FIDIAS HELLAS COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL SA, which has a privately owned factory at Vrilissia, Attica. IKTINOS HELLAS retains its percentage of equities in FIDIAS Hellas to this day.


Listed in Athens Stock Exchange

In 2000, the Company was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange by means of public subscription and its stocks have been traded in the Athens Stock Exchange ever since.


Entering the Real Estate Development Sector

During the same year, it acquired 77.99%of TSIMEDOVIOMICHANIA KRITIS S.A. The latter owns a large coastal area in the Faneromenis Bay, Municipality of Sitia, Crete, which it exploits for tourist purposes.

Following the acquisition, the company changed its name to IKTINOS TECHNICAL & TOURIST S.A. and its scope of activities was amended to include real estate development.


Merging All Mining Companies & Quarries

In 2000, IKTINOS LATOMIKI S.A. was founded. The company arose from the merging of all companies operating in mass marble mining, i.e. Volakas quarries, Platanotopos quarries and Thassos quarries. In 2006, ΙΚΤΙΝΟΣ LATOMIKI S.A. was taken over by IKTINOS HELLAS S.A.



In December 2006, LATIRUS ENTERPRISES LTD, a subsidiary of DOLPHIN CAPITAL INVESTORS LTD, took over 77.99%of the shares of ΙΚΤΙΝΟΣ TECHNICAL & TOURIST S.A.


Investing in Green Energy

In the light of its entry into the wind power market in October 2007, ΙΚΤΙΝΟΣ HELLAS S.A. acquired the total equity capital of PRIVATE ELECTRICITY CORPORATION S.A., trading as ID.E.I. S.A. The latter holds an installation license for a 19.8MW wind farm in the Megalovouni area and a production license for a 8.0MW wind farm at the Synora area, both in the Municipality of Paranesti, Prefecture of Drama.

09/ 2010

Commissioning of the 22MW wind farm in Megalovouni, Drama

12/ 2017

Factory in Drama

Acquisition and complete renovation of the factory and the industrial facilities in the Industrial Area of Drama

03/ 2018

Repurchase of 80% of the company LATIRUS ENTERPRISES LTD

Repurchase of 80% of the company LATIRUS ENTERPRISES LTD (currently owner of 100% of LATIRUS ENTERPRISES LTD), which owns 97.6% of the company IKTINOS TECHNIKI & TOURISTIKI SA

06/ 2018


Acquisition of the marble quarry from “KAVALA MARBLE SA”, which is located in Pyrgoi at Municipality of Prosotsani in Drama, where the marble under the trade name “Kalliston” is produced.